Summer Lovin’ GIVEAWAY!


Aww, June! With the official First Day of Summer only weeks away, we are already in full-time summer mode. And what better way to celebrate than with the always cheerful, “color is happy” style of Lilly Pulitzer!

Did you know that June is still the most popular month of the year for weddings? To celebrate the arrival of summer and of June weddings everywhere , we are giving away this adorable Lilly Pulitzer Floaters Note Cube provided by our dear friends at Cute Buttons Gift and Paper Boutique. Perfect for a quick “hey there” or “don’t forget!”, they are oh-so-summery!

In order to win, simply tell us what month you got/are getting married and why! Post your comment on our blog, Facebook or Twitter pages for the chance to win! We’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 13th!

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11 Responses to “Summer Lovin’ GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Jordan Flood

    We are getting married June 11, 2012. We are getting married on this day, because it is my grandparents anniversary, and they have been married for 45 years!


  2. Laura Baker

    Our wedding date is 9/10/11 which seems to be a popular date. But it is extra special to the two of us because our very first date was 6/7/08…who knows what 10/11/12 will hold in store!


  3. Susan Trader

    September! We chose September for many reasons, we wanted an afternoon/evening wedding outside in a beautiful venue with a courtyard under the stars and didn’t want it to be too hot or too cold. September weather is perfect! The flowers are still in bloom and beautiful as summertime without the heat. Booking a summer wedding always runs the risk that friends and family will be away on vacation and unable to attend and by selecting September most people are doine with vacations, kids are back in school and everyone is able to attend.


  4. Tori Rowe

    We are getting married November 18, 2011. Honestly we just one day were staring at each other and said let’s get married Nov 18th.. it’s before Thanksgiving and after the busy October wedding month. My sister is pregnant with twins and due right before our wedding!

    We felt like November was appropriate because we love the Thanksgiving holiday time.



  5. Melissa W.

    My fiance and I will be tying the knot on September 17th of this year, and couldn’t be happier about our date! Our venue availability set the month, and then we chose the 17th as it’s my late grandfather’s birthday. We had 4 weddings this spring/summer, so were excited to take a long engagement to plan everything ourselves. Now we just have to hope that hurricane season doesn’t show it’s ugly face…fingers crossed!


  6. Rachael Jones

    We choose April. April is a great month to vacation, because all of our favorite places to visit are beautiful in April including The Florida Key, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Plus We live in Florida, and April is before the start of Hurricane season!


  7. Jennifer Fleming

    My fiance proposed at Raven Rock State Park – huddled under Raven Rock in the rain – on April 22 this year. We are getting married on April 22 of next year because we liked the idea of celebrating a special anniversary by getting married!


  8. Christina

    Our wedding date is September 17th of this year! We picked the month, as the weather here in Upstate NY can be VERY unpredictable (summers can get pretty hot, and we basically have winter weather from the end of October to the end of March.) We thought September would be perfect! I’m not sure if the leaves will be changing on the trees then, but I know it will be beautiful out anyway! We originally wanted the 10th (for 9/10/11, just as something fun), but I think a lot of other people had the same idea; the venue we picked didn’t have that date available for the ballroom we wanted, so we went with the next Saturday after that – the 17th! I can’t wait!


  9. Proform Pete

    I took my wife to the 18th hole at a golf course in my town and had a very special meal on the green (my buddy works there, hooked it up for me) and then proposed under fireworks! She loved it.


  10. Holli Gantt

    My fiance Andy and I are getting married on October 29, 2011. We chose October for multiple reasons: 1. He proposed to me the day after Thanksgiving (with a black lab; the ring was on his collar!) and we felt October gave us enough time to plan the wedding of our dreams. 2. We are BIG University of South Carolina fans and we tried to work around home football games as best we could (can’t miss cheering for our Gamecocks!!) Plus we tried to accomodate for all of our family and friends that pull for the rivaling teams and there schedules. 3. We both love fall time and felt a fall wedding would be amazing. Fall is full of beautiful colors, great weather, and fun holidays. October 29th is the BEST date for us and we cannot wait to start our new, married life together!


  11. Heather

    Jeremy and I are getting married August 6, 2011. We chose August 6 because it was one of only two weekends in our break between finishing our Master’s degrees from Appalachian and ECU and starting our jobs in Charlotte. I love summer and knew August could provide that perfect summer breeze with great sunshine.


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