One Day Without Shoes


This is what the ‘Roos are doing today! Want to join us? Come out to the Cary YMCA and walk a barefoot mile with us. Or go without shoes wherever you are and tell us about it below!

Remember, comments received before 5:00PM EDT today will be entered to win a pair of fabulous TOMS Shoes!

What are you doing without your shoes today?

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3 Responses to “One Day Without Shoes”

  1. Zaida Lynch

    I’m excited that you’re involved in something so charitable! I’ve been an admirer of the “Toms” project & I’m excited to get involved too! Best of luck to the Green Kangaroo in your efforts!


  2. Brandy merrit

    Today I am walking around my house doing laundry. I always enjoy walking around my home barefoot, but could not imagine having to do all day every day outside. These poor children.


  3. Jessica Throneburg

    I’ve been walking around and swaying with my newborn baby…he’s not feeling well today. He’s shoeless too…does that count for two entries? :)


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