‘Roos Without Shoes!


The Green Kangaroo is excited to announce that this year we will be supporting One Day Without Shoes as our annual charitable initiative. One Day Without Shoes is an annual event, taking place this year on April 5th, hosted by TOMS Shoes in which participants commit to spending an hour or even an entire day without shoes. This international movement is designed to raise awareness of the impact a simple pair of shoes can bring to a child’s life.

How are we getting involved? Let’s count the ways!

1. The TGK ‘Roo Crew and many of our local families and friends will be supporting this cause on April 5th by participating in a mile walk … without our shoes! We’ll be walking at the Cary YMCA’s Walk a Mile Without Shoes event, which is free and open to all local residents. So if you’re in the area, please sign up and join us on the 5th!

2. To encourage our fans and friends to join us in the One Day Without Shoes event, we thought a giveaway might be in order! TGK will give away a pair of fabulous TOMS Shoes to one lucky Facebook Fan, Twitter Follower, or Blog Reader. We’ll be drawing the winner from those that tell us what they’ll be doing without shoes on the One Day Without Shoes on our Facebook page, Tweet or retweet @tgkdesigns and #onedaywithoutshoes, or comment on our blog. TOMS has a “one-for-one” mission where they donate 1 pair of shoes to a child in need for every 1 pair of TOMS shoes purchased. Pretty cool to know if you win a pair of TOMS shoes from TGK, there will also be a child who receives a pair! (To be entered in this giveaway, your posts/comments/tweets must be made on or before 5:00PM EDT on April 5th.)

3. TGK will also be making a monetary donation to One Day Without Shoes, funded by all of our GREEN orders during the month of March! 10% of the proceeds from your GREEN orders will go to support the One Day Without Shoes, cause. Green items can include green paper, green ink, green ribbon, or green embellishments.

We’ll be sure to let you know how much money we raise. And of course I’ll be posting pictures of our ‘Roos Without Shoes! Now come on blog readers – comment below and let us know what YOU’LL be doing without your shoes on April 5th!

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19 Responses to “‘Roos Without Shoes!”

  1. Becca

    I love TOMS shoes! I’ll be singing without shoes on the 5th! :)


  2. Lori

    I’ll be walking with the TGK Team in the Cary YMCA’s Walk a Mile Without Shoes event!


  3. MIchelle Smith

    I will be walking on the beach shoeless in Santa Cruz where we are getting married this year!


  4. Aubrey G.

    I’ll be running in my yard with my puppy without shoes :]


  5. Larissa M

    I will be dancing in the rain on an April shower day. Mud between my toes with Toms means there’s not mud between someone else’s!


  6. Nicole Deinhammer

    I will be taking a pole dancing class with my bridesmaids!!


  7. Melissa W

    I will be celebrating a co-workers birthday without shoes. We are planning on making it out to the Cary YMCA walk also!


  8. Alisha Sims

    My boss is super laid back! So on April 5th I wont being wear my shoes at work! bare foot all day! ohhh what will the UPS man think!? haha.


  9. Katie

    I’ll be traveling that day, so I’ll be wandering through airport security without shoes! :) It’s a business trip, but since I’m headed to LA, I’m planning a shoeless walk on the beach, too.


  10. Melanie

    As a school employee, I will be navigating the high school hallways without shoes (or maybe hiding in my office). :)


  11. Christian Gideon

    Awesome! I’ll be a photographer without shoes April 5th!


  12. Kristen

    I will be hanging out in my office without shoes and then running my toes through the green grass without my shoes! :)

    Plus I’m going to post a sign in our office to let everyone know about this awesome endeavor!


  13. Paige

    I’ll be sitting on my porch and studying without shoes!


  14. http://www.shoesbug.com

    Can you imagine the number of kids who would have much needed shoes if more shoe companies were like Toms. Once again, private enterprise steps up!


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