Revitalizing Blue & Brown

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When brown became the “new black” several years ago, pairing it with all shades of blue and pink became a major style trend. And for good reason! These modern color pairings maintain an understated, classic feel that has broad appeal for those who want to work with color without going over the top. And while these color schemes continue to prove their enduring popularity, more and more brides come to us looking for a fresh way to use these colors they love.

That’s why we adore the emerging trend of incorporating pops of green into the standard blue-and-brown palate, as we showed you beautifully executed in Rachel and Dan’s Biltmore wedding on the blog last fall. (Thanks to Michael Oppenheim photography! for all of these gorgeous photos!) Their addition of bright, lime-y greens revitalizes the tranquil blue-and-brown color scheme with crisp, unexpected pops of vibrancy.

Experiment with adding green to traditional color combinations and see where inspiration will take you. With more color options available to brides in inks, papers, ribbons, and fabrics than ever before, expanding your color palate to create a truly original look has never been easier.

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