More Fun Beach Wedding Ideas


Lucky duck that I am, last weekend I got to attend my cousin’s oh-so-elegant beach-side wedding at the glorious Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Though the ceremony and reception site were decidedly formal, the beachy setting–and the couple’s laid-back style–called for casual, personal touches.

Upon entering the reception hall, we were invited to don a pair of flip flops, conveniently grouped by color and size in crisp white baskets. This display set the stage for an afternoon of dancing, merry making, and strolling the beachside lawn.

Guests choosing to wander outdoors to take in the coastal scene were met with baskets filled with straw fans and retro, 80’s style sunglasses.

The guests appreciated these funky and functional touches that doubled as wedding favors.

And check out this beautiful bride (my new cousin Tricia!) who pulled these fun ideas together and simply glowed radiance throughout the weekend!

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  1. Claire

    What a lovely simple dress and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it. I love the functional favors of flip flops, fans, and sunglasses. What a great idea.


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