TGK is the Triangle Bridal Association’s Member of the Month!

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After winning three (count ‘em, three!) coveted awards from the Triangle Bridal Association (or TBA) earlier this month, we didn’t think our heads could get any bigger. Turns out, we were wrong! TBA decided to puff us up a good deal more by featuring The Green Kangaroo as their “So Hot Right Now” Member of the Month! We love it! Check out what they’re saying about us (below) … we’re blushing!

SO HOT RIGHT NOW :: TBA Member of the Month

This month we are featuring the The Green Kangaroo who has just announced a special charitable promotion where 5% of all sales featuring the color blue would be donated to the Oceanic Preservation Society. April’s results are in and TGK is sending a donation to OPS! They’d like to thank their customers for rallying behind this organization to help preserve ocean life! Also, in honor of Earth Day, all products are now available for printing on 100% Recycled white paper! WOW! If this doesnt inspire you to “go green”…I’m not sure what will!

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