TGK Giveaway!


Why wait until January 1st to officially kick off the 2010 wedding year? We’re ready to celebrate right now!!

While most of the country is “rockin around the Christmas tree” (and so are we), brides everywhere are busy planning their Spring, Summer and even Fall weddings!

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re feeling a little generous! We’re giving away FREE Save the Dates to one lucky winner!

Here’s how it works…

Who: Brides & Grooms

What: A FREE Save the Date of your choice with a value up to $300 (or a credit of $300 toward an invitation order)

When: From now until January 5, 2010

Where: The Green Kangaroo, of course!

Why: Because in the world of weddings, we know that there is a reason for every season. And we want you to tell us your reason!

How: Post a comment on this blog or on our Facebook page explaining why you are choosing to get married in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. We’ll select the quirkiest, most unique or funniest story as our winner!

Pictured: The Madison Postcard Save the Date, the Elieen Save the Date and the Magnolia Save the Date in variations of chocolate and turquoise ink!

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  1. BH

    We are so excited to be getting married in Cabo San Lucas in May 2010. We met in Cabo almost 7 years ago and are actually getting married on the same day we met! We decided that a destination wedding in the summer was perfect for us – since we met, we have traveled the world together and are known for always being on the go. In fact, Cameron even proposed to me over the loudspeaker PA system on a flight to Europe. We are really looking forward to celebrating and relaxing with our family and friends on the beach in May! And we have found some great invitation options on TGK that would be perfect!


  2. Allyson

    Why get married in the Fall? Because its THE most amazing time of the year in central North Carolina of course! We are getting married on October 2nd, 2010 (10.2.10!) at Barclay Villa in Angier, NC. October is our favorite time of the year to be in North Carolina for SO many reasons – the colors of the leaves changing, the NC State Fair, apple cider, comfort food, Halloween, and the most amazing and comfortable weather ever! And my birthday also happens to be in extra bonus. We love the fall and we especially love the fall in NC! Considering that we are a military family and will be living overseas while we plan our wedding, its so nice to know that we can look forward to our special day, with our families, in our home state, in a beautiful venue and during our favorite time of the year! Not too hot, not too cold and great scenery…who could ask for anything more than that? Well possible one more thing – some really cool TGK invitations!! October – truly no better time to FALL in love ;-)


  3. Jan

    We are getting married in March because it is the soonest we will be able to get married without me going insane. I am in the middle of a dietetic internship right now which takes up ALL of my time. We had a difficult time trying to pick the perfect date in March. My entire extended family are HUGE ACC and NCAA basketball fans, so we knew the weekend of the ACC tournament and the NCAA playoffs wouldn’t work because half of them wouldn’t show up. (Maybe it would have been a good way to cut the guest list?! j/k) I still can’t believe our wedding date was somewhat based on basketball games! March 13 will eventually fall on a Friday the 13th so we decided not to do that and that left the weekend of the 6th left! The Late winter/early spring time is a great time to get married because my favorite flowers, tulips, are starting to bloom and the cusp of spring is beginning. All of the trees are starting to turn bright green and the dead of winter is over. I can not wait to start our lives together as all of the plants are beginning to start their lives over again too! I also cant wait to get some TGK stationary! :)


  4. Ankur Aggarwal

    We are getting married in May for a couple of reasons – we both want warm weather but nothing ridiculous, but the biggest reason is really convenience. We are both med students and will be graduating on May 27th. Our first day of work starts July 1st (never get sick in July, you will have completely clueless people treating you!) and orientation is usually 1-2 weeks before that. We have no idea where we will be starting our residency until March, so we could be moving either close or far away, so we need time to find an apartment and move so we have to do it before orientation. Also, we have a lot of little kids coming to our wedding so it has to be either when summer vacation starts or when everyone is off. ALSO, we have a ridiculous guest list (over 500 invited!! most of which I don’t even know!) and want to make sure the most people can come. AND, we have four other couples that are getting married either before or after us. SOOO we are getting married labor day weekend, mostly because it fits into a time schedule that is mostly influence by everyone around us…our residency start dates, other people’s weddings, vacation time for our guests, oh, and did I mention the fact that on saturday day is one religion ceremony though not the wedding, and the next day we have one religions ceremony, a lunch, another religious ceremony, then the reception…? I’m getting tired just thinking about it. But one thing that will make it all easier and help with the costs is ordering our TGK stationary. I love that fact that a design consultant is available and can help us make up our card since everyone wants something different…when did this wedding stop being about my and my fiancee and start becoming about everyone else?


  5. Sandra Richardson

    Kendrick and I are getting married June 5, 2010, in honor of my dad’s birthday. My dad passed away in 2008, he will not be at our wedding in the flesh but definitely in spirit. We met at work and started officially dating May 29, 2005 – Memorial weekend. I originally was set on a May wedding and my fiance thought a June wedding would be a perfect way to honor my dad. I was thrilled and since it is only a week after our dating anniversary it is perfect. I can’t explain how lucky I am to have him, eventhough he insist he is the lucky one.


  6. Allyse Dinkelkamp

    My fiance and I decided to get married after I graduate from nursing school. He has been my rock and main support during nursing school, without him I may not have made it through some of it. So when I graduate we want to make it official and finally be together forever.


  7. Matt&Alayna

    My Fiance and I met in the fall 2 years ago working at a resort. We were both chefs stuck in the horrible work shifts and ways of a not so tamed kitchen. We actually met on accident as I was walking past him while he was “full force” sweeping and…Yes! I got a very hard and boney elbow in my face. As I started to snap out of my throbbing pain all I heard was “I’m so sorry…are you okay? Im so sorry please forgive me.” I opened my eyes to see the dreamiest blue eyes and I responded with a very dorky but cute laugh; ever since then we’ve been inseperable.

    As I know its not the fairytale story most girls strive for I am very pleased with our very unique story that someday will be told to our future children and grandchildren.We originally planned for a fall wedding, being the season our love blossomed into a full bloom. We both agree that theres nothing better than going for a long walk right when the leaves change color and the gentle breeze just lifts your spirits in a very calming way…but we have settled with August because it was all that was available for the castle we’re getting married at. However, since we’ve chosen and outdoor ceremony, with our luck it will rain.

    I love being in the rain, but I also realize not everbody likes to get muddy and wet. Aside from all that, August 28th 2010 is going to be the best day of my life and no matter what season it would have ended of being in quite frankly doesn’t matter to us…rain or shine that day is going to be the most beautiful day of our lives…the beginning of something so remarkable. Every season is wonderful as long as we have eachother.Thats all folks:)


  8. S. Truong

    Every season has it charms and it is very difficult to select the best season for wedding festivities. Since we live in Boston, we get the benefit of all four seasons. Our final decision was based on personal life events. We were engaged in the spring of 2008 in Vienna, under the beautiful cherry blossoms that grace the streets. Not only did we have to decide on a date, but location and country! Our friends and family span the globe from Germany to Asia and we wanted to have a destination wedding where we can spend a few days with our wedding guests. Would it be a beach wedding in summer with casual elegance, a fall wedding in New England with the autumn leaves or a spring wedding in Europe? As we began to decide on a date and location, we found out that we would be expecting our first child by year-end. Our son was born two days before Christmas 2008, and we brought him home on Christmas day. Therefore, the winter was already filled with many exciting events.

    Our priority this past year has been to be the best parents we can be, and therefore, our wedding plans were postponed. Now that our baby boy is 1 years old, we wanted to include him in the ceremony and to be a part of our wedding day – a symbol of our love and commitment. He took his first steps one week before his birthday and hopefully will have mastered his balance by mid-year. This brought us to the weekend of July 2, 2010; we chose Hawaii as our location due to the beauty of the landscape, numerous activities for our guests, and that magical and romantic feel that only Hawaii can deliver. We will also have a “green wedding” and will use our registry as a way to help offset our carbon footprint and environmental impact. It was very important for us to find a way to announce our wedding plans in a sensitive way given the current economic environment; we realize we are asking our guests to spend funds on a destination wedding that might not be within their budget. We love the TGK coastal designs – it fits perfectly with our theme and goals and, if we are fortunate enough to win the giveaway, we will use the savings towards something worthwhile. We hope that everyone has a great 2010 – whether or not it is the year of your wedding!


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