Creating a Memorable Holiday Photo Card

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Circles and Dots Holiday Card in Festive Red

Our October promotion (FREE customized photo holiday cards!) has got us thinking about some of the inspired holiday photo cards we’ve received in the past. Without a doubt, some of our favorite pictures feature couples and families that go beyond the typical “say-cheese” happy-family images and go for something a little more … interesting.

I have a friend who, in her never-successful quest for a “good” family photo with their three year old, opted to send out the holiday card with a picture of her and her husband smiling away and their daughter screaming her head off! Hands down, it was my favorite card of the season.

But even if you don’t have the benefit of an un-cooperative tot, there are still plenty of creative ways to get your Christmas card photo a sure-fire spot at the top of the coffee table heap.

• Background: Friends who moved frequently in the early years of their marriage began a tradition of taking the Christmas photo in front of a recognizable landmark in whichever city they lived at the time. It was a great annual peep into their exotic life in distant locales! If you go this route, be sure to indicate somewhere on the card (or in an accompanying letter) where you are in the photo so your friends get the reference!

• Props: My hubby and I jokingly donned Santa hats in our first Christmas photo as a married couple, and our families loved the whimsy of that simple prop so much that the hats are now a key feature every year. Another successful prop – and an effective announcement tool! – are tiny baby booties to clue your friends in to an impending arrival!

• Wedded Bliss: Of course, since we work with so many brides, we love the idea of including a wedding photo on your first Christmas card. We’ve even seen couples with enough forethought to plan a wedding-day photo standing under a sprig of mistletoe, with Santa hats, and even with an angel halo and devil horns (the old naughty-and-nice).

What will you do to make your holiday card photo memorable?

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  1. Erika

    This Christmas card Idea is to cute! Every year I say i’m going to send out christmas cards and never do it. I think your post might have been the motivation I need :)


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