The Green Kangaroo gives back . . .

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Wow! 2009 seems like it is flying by! Remember this cute little guy?

Back in March, TGK encouraged brides to order wedding invitations incorporating the color green in order to help donate to a local animal rescue. All of TGK’s employees LOVE animals – especially man’s best friend, so we chose Best Friends Pet Adoption based right here in central North Carolina.

Best Friend Pet Adoption is a no-kill animal rescue group committed to helping dogs and cats in need of homes. Their purpose is to provide medical assistance, foster homes, and adoption services to abandoned, abused, or neglected animals. BFPA’s mission is “to educate this disposable society in which we live that every life should be valued and cherished and is directly linked to human responsibility and commitment.”

We are proud to say that we were able to give BFPA nearly $1000 by donating 5% of our “green” sales from the month of March. If any of our readers would like to learn more about BFPA, or would like to donate, please visit

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