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Customers and friends alike often ask us how The Green Kangaroo got its unusual name. When we learned that some of our dear employees didn’t even know the answer to this query, we thought a blog posting was in order to explain ourselves!

We were inspired with our quirky moniker by our appreciation for Judy Blume’s first published book, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. This funny story about a kid struggling to express his uniqueness and individuality had always spoken to our own journeys of trying to “fit in.” When we were preparing to launch our line of completely customizable invitations and stationery, the reference to “The Green Kangaroo” seemed to fit our mission of embracing each customer’s personal style and creativity and of working with design ideas that don’t “fit in” to the templates of traditional stationers.

These years later, the name has proven to fit our unconventional approach to the stationery business. And its light-hearted tone helps us keep our focus on the fun and beautiful artisanship that we love so much about what we do.

Are you a Green Kangaroo?

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