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The Green Kangaroo strikes again!! Two news spots in the same week! ABC Channel 11 News Super Saver Thursdays featured ways to get a “magazine” styled wedding look for less. Wedding planner Karen Clark, owner of Something Borrowed, Something Blue discussed ways to get similar but less expensive table decor, wedding cakes and yes – wedding invitations – from the Green Kangaroo. The invitations featured were our Coast Couture Ava invitation (average price $14.75 each), our Claudia invitation with a coastal theme (average price $7.20 each) and our Coastal Abby invitation (average price $4.50 each). Check out the video!

Don’t forget ladies – we want you to have wedding invitations that have your guests saying “that is so you”. We also don’t want you living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your first year of wedded bliss because you spent more than you could afford on your special day. If you love our style, but we are just out of your price range – STAY TUNED! We will be launching our much anticipated Fresh and Frugal Collection at the end of this week! Want a sneak peek?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Penny

    Wonderful TV spot. Love the way you are able to fit beautiful invites into any budget.


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