Vineyard & Wine Inspired Wedding Invitations


Let’s continue on MJO’s note of wine .
I can not tell you how many brides have asked us about vineyard themed wedding invitations.

Vineyard weddings are such festive and elegant celebrations! But you don’t have to have a Vineyard Wedding in order to incorporate wine (or the love of wine) into your invitation design. Some people have a rich family heritage in wine, and others (like myself) are just immensely fond of it! Wine is something that holds sentiment – in a variety of ways.

At TGK, we have an amazing team of people that sell, design, and produce our invitations. Despite the numerous requests for wine-oriented wedding invitations, it wasn’t until recently that we had a reason to design one. Lucky for us – and for all the brides who come after her – Michelle D. graciously helped pave the way to our new Vineyard Design Theme for her October Wedding.

Michelle told us that she was looking for something clean and contemporary, though not ultra modern. Her primary wedding color was Navy, but she wanted to bring in another color to accent. We discovered that her wedding reception was to be held in a grand cask room, and the walls were filled with towering wine barrels. The immediate accent color that came to mind was “sand” – an oaky color that is contemporary, yet organic. We combined an old-world script with a clean block font to further enhance the overall design of her invitation.

My favorite part of her invitation… her reply postcard!

Michelle decided on the Audrey Pocket invitation, and gave her guests the courtesy of written driving directions and a custom-designed map along with her reception card. She provided us great input and feedback, and allowed us the creative liberty to work our magic. The result – an invitation design that everyone loves!”

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  1. Samantha Chetosky

    I would love to get a quote on these invitations. They are exactly what I am looking for – right down to the colors!


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