Extreme Wedding Weather

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Here’s a headline for you: Extreme weather wrecks havoc on June weddings! I had some friends visit last weekend who live in Las Vegas. They were here for a wedding (which took place at Duke Gardens) and thought the North Carolina weather would be a refreshing break from the Vegas heat – unfortunately that wasn’t the case. One of my friends told me that the she was really self conscious because it was so hot she had sweat running down her back AND legs – until she noticed she wasn’t the only one in this boat!

Speaking of boats, another friend traveled to Indiana for a wedding – where it rained torrentially. One bridesmaid had to wade through waist deep water to get out of her house and into the car, and the bride had to pick up flowers from Wal-Mart at the last minute because the florist never arrived. Hopefully for the rest of you June brides, the extreme weather will soon come to an end!

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