Automatic Wedding Invitation Proofs

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Someone recently mentioned to me that our website would be “really awesome” if a bride could type in the content of her wedding invitation and see her proof automatically. I of course agreed that this would indeed be “awesome”, and then took the opportunity to explain why we do not have this feature on our website. Simply put – sometimes software and technology just can’t do the job of a graphic design professional.

You see, we don’t restrict our customers to conform to a maximum number of lines or characters on their wedding invitation. With every order we receive, a graphic designer here at The Green Kangaroo takes a bride’s wording and molds it together with the graphics to create the most balanced wedding invitation possible. Conversely, the graphics are often molded/altered to fit the wording, or a specific request from the customer! We take great pride in creating each wedding invitation and are just as excited as the bride when her proof is ready for viewing (and even more excited when we see it fresh off the press)! Read a recent bride’s comments about our design process:

They took my ideas and suggestions and added their expertise and experience to create the absolute perfect wedding for my event! When I received my invitations, they were even better than I had imagined. Many of my guests commented on my invitations saying they were the prettiest they had ever seen before! If you want high quality invitations in a timely manner, from a creative and innovative design team – TGK is the only way to go! –B. Wardlow

On the flip side . . . though the technology that enables automatic previews isn’t sophisticated enough to take the place of a TGK designer, allowing brides to use this technology to visualize size, colors, etc. is a great idea, and something we are considering adding to the site in the near future – what do you think? Vote in our comments section!

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